Floky Socks made from recycled plastic bottles

Floky Socks is a leading brand in the world of bio-mechanical sportswear. Our high-performance running socks, such as the Run Up and Axsist, are designed to provide athletes with improved support, protection against injuries, and faster recovery. But what sets Floky Socks apart from other brands?

Green Yarns for a Sustainable Future

At Floky Socks, we are committed to caring for the environment. That's why our  socks are made from green yarns obtained directly from the recycling of PET bottles. By repurposing these bottles, we reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable future. Our eco-friendly materials not only benefit the planet but also offer exceptional performance benefits.

Experience the Floky Difference

When it comes to performance and sustainability, Floky Socks leads the way. Our bio-mechanical design, eco-friendly materials, and focus on comfort make our socks the perfect choice for athletes who want to excel while also caring for the environment.

Join the Floky community today and experience the difference our socks can make in your athletic journey. Together, we can achieve greatness while protecting the planet.